Intimacy with The Archer

Dear friends and family,

I apologize for the months that have gone by since my last update/blog. But here we are! I am back in sweet home Alabama and in awe of all God has done in my life the past three months I was in Israel; I don’t even know where to begin.

Honestly, it has been three of the most intense months I have ever been through. I have given up relationships, been sick and felt completely alone. But I have never felt closer to God, never felt closer to His love, peace, and comfort than during this time in my life. I have never been more focused, more in love and in awe of God’s faithfulness and provision. He loves me. He knows me. He’s my best friend.

I knew what wanted going to Jerusalem: to establish my ministry as a missionary from a place of worship and intercession, to grow in intimacy with God and love His people and Holy Land. But I had no idea what HIS plans for me would be. What gifts He wanted to give me. That He would strip me until there was nothing left, and then heal each part of me. Parts I didn’t even know needed healing. I didn’t know that He would restore me. Make me whole. Make me new. I didn’t know that in the process of me interceding for His people, land and heart. That He was interceding for me.

I learned that the Jews are His beloved. The Arabs are His beloved. Jerusalem is His beloved. His heart longs for their eyes to be opened. To SEE and KNOW Jesus as the Savior and Son of God. The importance of Israel is something we cannot ignore or deny anymore. That’s where it all began; it’s where it will all end. I’ve learned this. I’ve been able to play a  tiny role in this time. The honor it was to intercede and worship IN Jerusalem. To have been sent out from Jerusalem into the nations with the Key of David placed on my shoulders. (Revelation 3:7)

I learned intimacy with God is not something you have to travel to Jerusalem, Israel to find and understand. (although, it helps 😉 But it’s something you receive when you give everything to Him. Your dreams, your life, your past, present and future. When the only thing you want is His will. His love. His attention and affection. When He is the ONLY thing you have left. You can give him everything at anytime. Obedience isn’t difficult, I just didn’t trust Him enough. I didn’t realize that when I gave up everything He had things waiting for me that I could have never imagined.

Which brings me to now:

God has called me to move to Cevennes, France for 1 year

Yes. This is what I’m talking about. I never imagined this!!! I will be going back with YWAM (Youth With A Mission) to do a 3 month Worship, Intercession and Prophetic school where I will be challenged and discipled in those areas. After the school, I will be joining the staff at YWAM Cevennes where the focus will become more governmental intercession. I will be traveling with the director from the base and a small team to different capitals of nations in Europe, where we will then go into government buildings and pray, prophecy and love on the government officials there. (WHAT EVEN?!!) The whole “God qualifies the unqualified” is REAL GUYS!

I am completely overwhelmed. In awe and just thankful because God really knows me. Really loves me and really wants everyone to know this same love and life of complete abandonment for His name.

So, there you go. I can’t believe this my life either. I’m not worthy. But His blood has made me worthy.

I’ll end with this. Something a teacher told my team one time and I think it pretty much sums up the 3 months and well, my whole life:

“God is the Great Archer and we are the arrows. First, we go through the making, the refining and polishing process. It hurts. But he makes us exactly how He wants us. Then it’s quiver time. The quiver is the case on The Archers back that holds the arrows. Holds us. It’s a time of darkness, waiting and obscurity. When will I be chosen? How long do I have to wait in the dark? And then suddenly, His hand picks an arrow, picks you, and now you’re full of adrenaline where will He send me? Feelings of excitement. You’ve finally been picked out of the waiting- The Archer places the arrow in the resting spot of the bow. You’re ready when suddenly you go back. Yes, back. He pulls the arrow back to what is called the “anchor point” or “breaking point” this is the time where the arrow is pulled back and it touches The Archers cheek. You are now seeing the perspective of The Archer. You are now understanding why you had to go backwards before you could go forward. You had to be broken before you could be sent. You are aligned with his vision. You are in the most intimate place. You’re touching His cheek. You’re next to His eye. You’re seeing what He has seen the whole time. You see the bullseye. You feel His grip and release- you go flying. Fully equipped, fully ready, aware of Who made you.”

The Dead Sea from Ein Gedi
Sea of Galilee with my team
From left: Susanna, Ryan, myself, Debbie, Biggi, Tsachi, David and Josh 🙂 forever family est. 2017 in a prayer room in Jerusalem, Israel… Whoa.
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Boaz and Ruths land *crying*
Tel Aviv, Israel – The Mediterranean Sea
“We’re all just walking each other home.”


Gloria Ann


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