There are many ways that you can support me as I journey to France– prayer being the most important way. I truly believe that the prayer support of my friends and family for my ministry is irreplaceable. I know there will be times when I become discouraged or need prayer for my health and safety; knowing that I have an army of people back home going into battle with me will help me immensely through these times.

I also believe that great things can be accomplished through prayer. All throughout scripture we read of healing occurring, miracles happening, and freedom in people’s lives through the power of prayer. I am excited to see God work through me in this way, and also to see him work in the lives of all I come in contact with.

If you feel led, you can give whatever amount you would like by following the below link.

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I am so excited that you even have an interest in joining me on this journey. If you have any questions for me, please feel free to contact me though the “Contact Me” tab.

Love, Gloria Ann