It’s happening (again) by grace and patience and lots, I mean LOTS of prayer. I will be going to Costa Rica for about 6 months for YWAM in a couple of months! My heart is overwhelmed and I’m still in shock about it all. When plans fell through to go last year I had pretty much given up and become ok and comfortable (Jesus didn’t call me to be comfortable!!!) but I had a tug— the Holy Spirit pressing in my heart “go go go!” And now I’m going. Peace holds my heart now and I’m ready. I’m thankful for my community of people that have stood beside me and encouraged me the whole way. Most of all, I’m thankful for my Heavenly Father who has never given up on me, who has loved me unconditionally and given me grace on grace on GRACE. Here’s to a new season! More info coming soon!!!!

Check out this video to learn more information about YWAM!

Love, Gloria Ann